Actual Material: 100% Genuine Leather
Other Material: Also Available in Faux Leather, Cowhide and Suede.
Color: Brown, Also Available in Black, Dark Brown, Maroon & Blue Color
Wore By: Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall Movie
Closure: Front button Closure With Belt
Internal: Viscose lining
Sleeves: Full Sleeves

Stitching: First Class Stitching Guaranteed.

Disclaimer:  In Real, this product may look different because it is a replica and using heavy lighting and photo-shoot some effects showing in the picture but we give a guarantee for stitching style and material.
Professional launder recommended, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping in Major Countries.



Crossroads Jackets is a trustable name in the jackets, vests, and coats manufacturers for many ages, We make jackets and coats in the most reliable quality and material, This Legends Of the Fall Brad Pitt Brown Leather Long Coat is made with the most Suited Faux Leather, Cowhide and Suede and we use the most suitable material in making this attire to give you the premium fit this jacket protects you from any kind of cold. This jacket suits you very well and if you are a fan of Brad Pitt, you will definitely love the jacket.

Legends Of the Fall Brad Pitt Brown Leather Long Coat

Legends of the fall is the latest movie starring Brad Pitt, and it has been receiving rave reviews. The movie depicts Pitt as a terminator in the war against Magneto, and also as a man who owns a store that sells merchandise to both humans and mutant creatures. As such the jacket in this film should be no different from any other in terms of style, but the real leather look that Brad Pitt brings to the role is something that we haven’t seen too much of in a long time.

So what makes the long coat look so good on Brad Pitt? There are a few different things. Firstly, it is a long coat, and as such can actually be styled and cut almost any way you want it to. This means that if you don’t have a lot of money or a lot of time to dress and style for a movie role, this might not be the best jacket for you to wear. However, the look is perfect for people who are into fashion, or who know how to put their clothes together to get the most out of their looks, and that is a huge part of what Brad Pitt does in his career.

Another reason why the brown leather jacket is great for this film is that it lends itself perfectly to Brad Pitt’s physique. It is a bit on the skinny side for someone who is famous for being ‘fierce and ferocious’. However, the look also works well for those with a more average body type. The long coat hides any excess fat that might be present in the stomach, making it a perfect fit for anyone with a smaller chest or arm. In addition to the great fit, another reason why the jacket is such a good choice is the fact that it is both stylish and a very practical item of clothing. This is the sort of coat that you can wear for a lot of different occasions and it can also be worn casually on a normal day as well.


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