Product Description

Outfit Type: Star-lord Leather Jacket
Material: Faux Leather also available in genuine leather
Color: Maroon Waxed
Closure: Front Zipper Closure
Lining: Soft inner lining
Collar: Zip Collar

Stitching: Top of the line first Class Stitching Guaranteed
Professional launder recommended
30 Days Money Back Guarantee*
FREE International Shipping in Major Countries and Cities*

Disclaimer: In Real, this product may look different because of using heavy lighting and photo shoot some effects showing in the picture but we guarantee for stitching style and material.



Avengers Infinity War Costume

Avengers Infinity War Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) Leather Jacket Costume

The movie Avengers Infinity Wars needs no introduction in any way and it has already captured a huge crowd without a doubt. This jacket is also one such piece of clothing that was being carried by the famous character in the movie.

This jacket has been made using the leather material and the buyers have a choice of going for genuine leather or faux leather. A tremendous looking Infinity War Chris Pratt jacket; a cool inspiration from the movie “Avengers Infinity War” inspired by Chris Pratt outfit/costume. We know Leather is all about attitude, masculinity, strength, and signature style.

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