In the Fall of 2017, two friends (now Co-Founders) from Pakistan quit their jobs and embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship with the mission to transform their lives by doing something meaningful and valuable, not just for themselves but for people around the world. Being from a developing country had its own challenges however that turned out to be our greatest strength since Pakistan is not only home to one of the oldest leather tanneries but also to one of the finest craftsmen in the world.

It all started when we first visited a small, local manufacturing unit where we were awestruck by the high quality of jackets & coats being handmade by skilled artisans with such perfection and attention to detail that no machine could match. These handmade Jackets were unique, beautiful, and something that had to be shared with the world. So, we did our research and found out that many of the designer brands were getting their jackets manufactured from developing countries like Pakistan and selling them for 5 to 10 times the cost due to layers & layers of middlemen and distributors involved. The customer ended up paying a fortune and the humble craftsman who made the jacket was never named.

This is about to change! We spent the next few months designing a business model where we could cut out the middlemen and reach our customers directly. We have also decided to keep our business 100% online to avoid unnecessary costs. Our mission is to keep our costs low and pass the economic benefits on to our customers while contributing to the artisans who put their handiwork on.