Actual Material: Wool
Color: Actual
Pockets: Wasit welt Pockets
Internal: Viscose lining
Sleeves: Full Long sleeve
Collar: Rib-knit Collar

Stitching: First Class Stitching Guaranteed.

Disclaimer:  In Real, this product may look different because it is a replica and using heavy lighting and photo-shoot some effects showing in the picture but we give a guarantee for stitching style and material.
Professional launder recommended, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping in Major Countries.



Crossroads Jackets is a trustable name in the jackets, vests, and coats manufacturers for many ages, We make jackets and coats in the most reliable quality and material, Hotline Miami Appealing Flight Woolen Jacket is made with the most Suited Wool and we use the most suitable material in making this attire to give you the premium fit this jacket protects you from any kind of cold. This jacket suits you very well and you will definitely love the jacket.

Hotline Miami Appealing Flight Woolen Jacket

Hotline has been making quality wool products for many years. They have been making bomber and weatherproof jackets, as well as jackets for everyday use. I recently saw that they had added a new model to their range of woolen jackets, which is called the Hotline Miami Bomber Woolen Jacket. I was interested to know more about this jacket, so I purchased one to find out more.

Hotline woolen jackets are waterproof, thanks to a specially developed air pocket at the back of the jacket. Air pockets help keep out water and keep you warm while snow skiing or flying. The jacket also has mesh panels underneath the sleeves of the jacket, allowing the air pockets to stay out and dry. I was impressed with the quality of this jacket and the way it looked. The jacket review Hotline Bomber Jacket reviewed offers good overall quality and durability, but I did wish that it had a little more flexibility.

If you like the look of a flight bomber woolen jacket but don’t want it to be waterproof, then the Hotline Bomber Jacket by Hotline is a great alternative. The jacket is waterproof, it has mesh panels under the sleeves, it’s comfortable and it is made well. The jacket review Hotline Bomber Jacket reviewed by Hotline offers a positive overall review and says that this jacket performs well, while being extremely weatherproof and breathable. I was very pleased with the way this jacket looked and performed, I recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a stylish, waterproof, comfortable jacket.


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