Jacket Material: 100% Genuine Leather
Colors: Yellow
Sleeves: Full sleeves
Collar: Stand-up collar
Front Style: Full zipper closure
Red and black “The Flash” logo
Stitching: Double stitching for durability
Style: Regular
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Flash Zoom Yellow Lighting Jacket

Eobard Thawne Reverse Flash Zoom Yellow Lightning Faux Leather Jacket

Professor Eobard has taken up on himself to prove his superiority over Barry Allen, The Flash. Professor Thawne mimics the same experiment conducted on Barry on himself to become the speedster but uses his negativity as the main driving force to race back to time. Reverse Flash chose yellow for his Leather Jacket with a striking effect of black to highlight his hatred for Flash. The two are in a constant electrifying battle, whereas the topnotch yellow faux Flash Zoom Yellow Lighting Jacket of Reverse Flash stands out.

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