Actual Material: 100% Real Leather
Other Material: Also Available in Cowhide
Color: Black, Also Available in Brown
Wore By: Brie Larson as Captain Marvel 2019
Closure: Front Zip Fastening
Pockets: 2 Breast Zipper, 2 Waistline Zipper & 2 Internal
Internal: Viscose lining
Sleeves: Full Sleeves with Stylish Zipper Cuffs

Stitching: First Class Stitching Guaranteed

Wore by: Brie Larson.

Disclaimer:  In Real, this product may look different because it is a replica and using heavy lighting and photo-shoot some effects showing in the picture but we give a guarantee for stitching style and material.
Professional launder recommended, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping in Major Countries.



Crossroads Jackets is a trustable name in the jackets, vests, and coats manufacturers for many ages, We make jackets and coats in the most reliable quality and material, Captain Marvel jacket is made with the most suite Real & Cowhide leather and we use the most suitable material in making this attire to give you the premium fit and protect you from any kind of cold. This jacket suits you very well and if you are a fan of Brie Larson and if you love her dressing sense then you will surely adore this jacket.

Captain Marvel Brie Larson Distress Black Leather Jacket

One of the most versatile and iconic female characters in comics today is Brie Larson. She is a leading character in the comic book world, and she also happens to be an incredibly talented actress. She has worn many different types of costumes throughout her many years of acting, and she is always able to find the right kind of look to fit her character. It was only a matter of time when Larson would get to reprise her role as the lead character, and now it looks like we will finally see her in a Captain Marvel movie! The latest official image of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is sure to get fans excited for the upcoming film.

In the upcoming Captain Marvel film, written and directed by Marc Webb, Brie Larson will once again play the famous role of Carol Danvers. In the book, Danvers was a young woman working as an agent for SHIELD when she received a mysterious distress signal from her past life, which alerted her that her alternate universe counterpart, Captain Heroic, was trying to rescue her. From there, Danvers quickly put together a team consisting of other former SHIELD agents in order to learn what happened to her. It was this group that helped her learn that Captain Marvel – also known as Spectrum – was actually an adventurer from another world.

The film will follow the same basic story that the novel reveals, but it will add some key elements that make it more interesting for audiences. For instance, after taking on the persona of Carol Danvers, Larson will be teaming up with another classic comic book hero, Anther, played by Samuel L. resembled after his appearance in the animated version of the comic book. This Captain Marvel jacket that Brie wore in the film has become a signature accessory for Black Widow costumes, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. Even though the jacket itself has been replicated in many different styles, it still has that “Brie” feeling to it. It’s hard to think that anyone could pull of an Alice Cooper style, but Brie seems to have the natural physicality to pull it off. 

Wore by: Brie Larson.

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FREE International Shipping in Major Countries and Cities * Top line first Class Stitching Guaranteed.
Professional launder recommended

Disclaimer: In Real, this product may look different because of using heavy lighting and photo-shoot some effects showing in the picture but we guarantee for stitching style and material.



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