Vintage Shearling Coat
January 20, 2021

Vintage Shearling Coat

Fantastic Vintage Shearling Coat truly is warm and stylish. Even though, a minor flaw on collar and small mark on the right shoulder area may spoil the overall charm of this classy, classic coat. Overall very good condition. This vintage brown leather jacket is made in this luxuriously crisp black hue perfect for all seasons.

The material used to make this jacket is cashmere with soft durable outer surface. The outer surface is made of cashmere with natural thread count of 100% pure. Such a fabric maintains warmth and keeps you cool. This fabric is naturally water repellent thus you can wear this jacket even in humid climates. Though, still it is a heavy jacket for working purposes hence not advised for those looking for lightweight jackets.

In this modern day world of fashion, we often see many coats made of imitation leather. This is not a bad thing, as leather is a universal textile that is immensely popular all over the world. However, when it comes to jackets, one should always prefer genuine leather jackets over any other cloths. Men’s leather jackets are available in two main styles namely the short jackets and long jackets. Both styles offer comfort and style to the men who love to walk the streets in trendy outfits.

The vintage shearling coat style is in great demand during winters. Hence it is really essential to keep the chill out with this luxurious coat. However, a heavy-weight coat calls for proper care so that it doesn’t become too heavy for your body. Cleaning this coat is not at all a difficult task. You just need to get some of the best leather cleaning products and use them on the coat to bring back the shine and glow of the garment. Some of the essential elements that can be used for cleaning this coat are: cold water, dry cloth, leather cleaner, and leather conditioner.

A vintage shearling coat looks absolutely gorgeous when worn with the right kind of shoes. For this coat you can choose between leather boots or dress shoes. If the boots are chosen, you must make sure that the laces are tied properly. The ties should not be pulled up beyond the ankle level otherwise the coat would look like it is wet. well-fitted dress shoe also enhances the look of this coat.

A vintage shearling coat would look great with a sweater, and for this purpose, a cotton sweater is preferable. This would also help to absorb the moisture from the coat, without which the coat would look matted and heavy. To complete the look, you can choose accessories such as belt or purses. The best part about wearing this coat with such accessories is that you get to look at yourself in the mirror at all times.

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